Plated penetration of Bitumen


To prepare a sandy surface, the penetrating lime is used to spread the first layer of asphalt, such as surface asphalt, cold asphalt or hot asphalt. In addition to watering the body, the penetration of the road through penetration in the pores and pillars will stabilize the sandy road surface and facilitate the adhesion of the asphalt layer.

The Right Bitumen

The penetration of bitumen on the sandy surface depends on the hole after diffusion and by that at air temperature, the choice of type and bitumen bit depends on the following changes to be consider.

As per the conditions stated above, the choice of suitable bitumen is classified as follows

Bitumen Bit rate

The most suitable number of bitumens for lime screening is the number of bitumen after the expiration of at least 24 hours. Erratic cases from sublimation and bitumen are fully absorbed. The following values may be used as guidelines. For surfaces provided, depending on whether there are fine-grained and solid or coarse-open textures, the asphalt content solution can change from 1 to 2 kg for one square meter.

Wrap The sand

The are no reason for the penetration for not be able to been absorbed after 48 hours. There should be an opportunity to make bitumen on the surface in the case of emergency and before full absorption of bitumen, it can be confirmed by using monitoring device with the spread of clean sand on the penetrating lime. Extra bitumen will absorbed used sand that are less than 5 mm and the percentage of passage from its 200 sieve should not exceed more than 5 percent.

Control the temperature of the Bitumen

The best bitumen distribution is 1-1 ° C, where the bitumen is between 120-20 cm. For bitumen solutions with different temperatures, the graph of bitumen variation is determined at different temperatures. Bitumen is dissolved following the original bitumen produced. Different graphs will produce different playing temperaturesv

Tools of Performing Bitumen For Asphalt

The following machines are required for making Asphalt water resistance :

Mechanical Vacuum Cleaner and Compressed Air System

A mechanical sprayer and a compressor and, if necessary, a sprinkler machine to clean and prepare the prepared surface of the pre-tarnished road.

Bitumen Sprayer

Dissolved asphalt or pulse bitumen needs to be spread with compressed bubbles. This Baldi must have the following specifications. In such a way that the pressure from the wheel to the road surface does not exceed 6 kg per square centimeter. This may be escorted by measurement and if necessary, by aligning the pressure of the wheel, the pressure applied is diluted.

Bubble tanks must be equipped with heating and can heat the bitumen to the stage needed to heat it. When heated, the bitumen needs to be circulated and coated with a special tool. For the pitcher that spreads the field, the circulating bitumen system in the tank also needs to insert the corresponding drain and injection hose, if there is no possibility of breaking the loops and dividing the pipes.

To guard the bitumen temperature regularly, the thermometer needs to be installed on the tank Thermometer should be such that it is always exposed and shows the maximum bitumen temperature.

Abrasives used to spread pitching should be washed with kerosene or the same material every day after the final work. Burning tanks, in the presence of pots, must be protected from fros, so that the holes cannot freeze and break.

Prepare the surface of the way

Before to the transfer of bitumen, the surface of the prepared road should be cleaned of dust and dust by mechanical brush and compressed air, and in terms of longitudinal and transverse profiles, and tolerance to the operational drawings.

 The surface cleaning should be done in such a way that the surface texture of the materials is clearly identified and the entire material covered with mechanical wiping and compressed air is removed.

 When the air is used, and the air is warm, the surface of the road can be wetted before the lime penetration, so that the pitcher is not broken immediately and there is an opportunity for its penetration into the pit before the breakdown of the bitumen.

Seasonal Penetration Limitations

The lime penetration should be done when the air is not dirty or foggy and the surface of the road is completely dry if soluble bitumen is used. 

Moreover, If the bitumen is to be used, the surface of the surface can have a slight and moderate moisture. For air-to-air penetration, the air in the shade, when it is warm, is better than 10 degrees, and when the air cools, it is more than 15 degrees Celsius.

Also,If the operation is performed in such cases that the ambient temperature does not meet the requirements above and the performance of the work is mandatory, bitumen broadcasting should be carried out with the approval of the monitoring device and making the necessary predictions.

Asphalt paving

During asphyxiation, trees and adjacent buildings should be kept protected from impregnation into bitumen, and the spreading of bitumen into the air should be prevented on the pavement and at the place and costs. 

Whenever it is necessary that the operation of the asphalt truck passes through the road, half the width of the road shall be maintained for free travel so that the vehicles do not pass through the dirt surface.

 The installation of sufficient During asphyxiation, adjacent points and buildings must be kept protected from impregnation to bitumen, and the spread of bitumen into the air must be prevented on foot and on site and costs. If necessary, asphalt tracks run through the highway, half the width of the road should be controlled for free travel so that vehicles do not go through the land surface. 

The installation of sufficient symbols and the introduction of guards and warning lights during Asphalt was mandatory for road safety.symbols and the identification of guards and warning lights during the asphalt are mandatory for the safety of the passage.

Controling The Vehicles Movement

In general, the program of building a road should be set up so that after the infiltration is carried out and the necessary time is spent, the asphalt is spread on it to prevent the penetration of the lining below the vehicle’s propulsion. 

First, if it is urgent to pass vehicles on a part of the road that has been subjected to infiltration, the bitumen must be completely penetrated into the body before it is dried, so that the bitumen will not stick to the vehicle’s wheel. 

Second, if it is necessary to pass vehicles earlier than this time, it must first be sanded on a sloped surface with sand, as per the monitoring device, and then pass through.

Bitumen Quality Tests

The quality of the bitumen used for intrusion lining should conform to ASTM D2995 specifications.

 To determine the amount of bitumen discharged at the surface, a tray test is used so that a test is conducted every 100 meters along the way.

 At highways and freeways, testing should be done at less intervals, so that at least for every 1,000 square meters the surface of the road would be tested.


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