malaysia bitumen in drums
Bitumen C170 in steel drums

There are many types of bitumen available in the market, all depending on the physical properties of the bitumen. Some bitumen are more light, some are more viscous. The measurement to differentiate the grades are their penetration grade which are defined by the number next to its name. Other types of bitumen available are paving grades bitumen which is denoted by the letter C in their name. One of the more popular grade of bitumen are bitumen C170 and bitumen 60/70 while for oxidized bitumen, oxidized bitumen grade 115/15 are the more popular among manufacturers. All this, Bitumen Malaysia (Panorama Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd) are able to supply through out the world.

Bitumen C170

Class 170 bitumen is widely used in sprayed sealing and light asphalt applications to provide durability and fatigue resistance. It is also used to manufacture cutback bitumens, bitumen emulsions and modified bitumens. The number 170 comes from the bitumen’s viscosity at 60 °C

Storage and handling of Bitumen C170

The storage of bitumens for prolonged periods at elevated temperatures should be avoided as quality may be adversely affected. As a general rule, bitumen should be stored at the lowest temperature that enables practical use. For normal operations, such as blending and transferring liquid bitumen, temperatures of 10°C to 40°C above the minimum pumping temperature are recommended.

Technical specification of our Bitumen C170
Bitumen C170UnitSpecification
Viscosity at 60°CPa.s170
Viscosity at 135°CPa.s0.4
Viscosity at 60°C, after RTFOPa.s300
Penetration at 25°Cdmm70
Flashpoint 60°C°C360
Viscosity of residue at 60°C% of original180
Flashpoint°C232 min
Density at 15°CKg/m31.04