Definition of bitumen 10

Bitumen 10 is a type of hard grade building asphalt with penetration values starting from 10. This grade of asphalt building material is mostly used in the Eastern Asia market especially Taiwan, China, the Philippines and Indonesia. We at Bitumen Malaysia can supply them in bags, drums and in bulk tanks.

Uses of bitumen 10
  1. For underground moisture and waterproofing works.
  2. For the use in nuclear power engineering, pipeline engineering, bottom anti-corrosion, asphalt production.
  3. For the manufacturing of waterproofing membrane, moisture-proof paper production.
  4. For anti-corrosion paint.
  5. Used for road and bridge caulking purposes.
Technical specification of bitumen 10
Technical indicatorsBitumen 10
Penetration (25 °C, 100g, 5s) / (0.1mm)10-26
The ductility (25 °C, 5cm/min) / cm is not less than1.5
Softening point (ball method) / °C not less than95
Solubility (trichloroethylene) /% is not less than99.5
Evaporation loss (163 °C, 5 h) /% no more than1
After evaporation, the penetration ratio (25 °C) /% is not less than65
Flashpoint (open cup) / °C not less than230
Brittle / °Creport