APP Modified Bitumen Membrane
Our APP Modified Bitumen Membrane is a superior, high-performance waterproofing membrane, formulated with select bitumen, modified with APP for greater elasticity, flexibility, and further enhanced with a blend of Polypropylene (PP) for high heat resistance (up to 120 degrees), greater elongation and low temperature flexibility (up to –5 degrees). Hence, it is the cause of optimum adhesion and flexibility of modified bitumen. It consists of different types of reinforcing layers that increases the tenacity and dimensional stability against fatigue and rupture forces. The main advantages of our APP membranes includes:
  1. Enhanced bitumen performance by increasing UV resistance
  2. Increasing flexibility at low temps
  3. Improving flow resistance at high temps
  4. Excellent weathering
  5. Fire resistant properties
  6. Climate adaptability
Features of our APP Modified Bitumen Membrane
  1. Applicable on all sloping surfaces: on flat, vertical and curved surfaces.
  2. Excellent product for all weather conditions.
  3. Lightweight: prevents any excessive weight on the roof or the building structure.
  4. Good resistance to fatigue and tear.
  5. Longer lasting product (up to fifteen years)
Product Specifications
  1. Nominal roll length: 10m
  2. Nominal roll width: 1m
  3. Nominal thickness: 2-5mm
  4. Upper Surface Protections:
    • polyethylene film
    • Embossed aluminum foil
    • Silica sand
    • Natural slate flake